Jeremy Vaughn

Artist | Musician | Educator

Artistic Practice and Process

I make make ink drawings.

I see drawing as a layer from a prior drawing. I much prefer this idea of my drawings as layered objects, structures, entities, or places. All existing within a topographic landscape. 

The word Image comes from the Latin imitari meaning to copy or imitate. It’s related to the word imagination of course; the mental conjuring up of something. And it seems the Latin imaginem, apart from a copy or imitation also refers to ghosts or phantoms. And this is how I see images in my drawings, they are ghost layers always on the verge of appearing or disappearing: deflecting identification but not without purpose. 



I find that I don’t get to make exactly the work I am trying to make. I get to make something else. I try to make a truce with that. 


With all my intentions to make new drawings, I don’t alway succeed in making what I want. I make something else. I try to make a truce with that.