Jeremy Vaughn

Artist | Musician | Educator



Land in relationship to time and space.
Overlaps with no focal point or center, like dreaming.
Boats, skimming silently on the surface of a large lake, cutting time into horizontal stripes of experience.
A gossamer, woven silk grid laid over the fluorescent green, spring landscape.
Nests of cat hair.

These are some of the concepts and images that I create and feelings which I attempt to capture in my work. My influences range from graphic design to poetry to music. Most recently I have been painting with encaustic, which is beeswax and colored pigment. The transparency is appealing and the layered textures are satisfying. Ancient Egyptian Fayum portraits were made on coffins, to represent the life of a person and to bind the living to the dead- the inner world to the outer one. Robert Gwathmey, an artist who has influenced me greatly, wrote that as we age, our inner world no longer corresponds to the outer one, so I attempt to regain synchronicity or equilibrium with my work.

Jenn Renko

Jenn Renko - Bags

Jenn Renko – Borrowed Luggage or Bags – oil on Canvas

Jenn Renko - painting of jackalope and miniature tyrannosaurus in landscape

Jenn Renko – Jackalope – oil on canvas


Jenn Renko - Song

Jenn Renko – Song – oil paint on canvas