Jeremy Vaughn

Artist | Musician | Educator

exhibition 2022

Malapropisms and Eggcorns

Malapropisms and Eggcorns

Malapropisms and Eggcorns

Solo Exhibition: Jeremy Vaughn
in collaboration with Juliet Stephens

What happens when we use words that are approximations of what we mean to say rather than getting each word exactly right?  The results may be humorous and might even express more than we mean to say. The same can be true in visual language.

I have prioritized efficiency of line and motion, working to create the unseen or what may have been lost from memory. I consider this collection of drawings to be illustrations of objects in a space when the primary goals of illustration fail, much the same as when words fail at their primary goal but are used in other expressive and communicative ways. This line of creative inquiry led to the title of this exhibit: Malapropisms and Eggcorns.

Vermont College of Fine Arts
Gary Library
36 College Street
Montpelier, Vermont

June 1st, 2022 – October 31, 2022

The last art exhibition at the Vermont College of Fine Arts